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The IKEA plant

When you’re stuck and don’t know how to go on (like I am with this blog): Start something new.

So here’s my other (new) blog. Not trying to think any deep thoughts there (being a shallow person anyway), just a personal documentation of non-events.

This uneventful life

The IKEA plant - on a non-IKEA chair (watercolor pencils) The IKEA plant – on a non-IKEA chair (watercolor pencils)
Of course I have heard stories of people going to IKEA and returning home having bought loads of unnecessary stuff.

But neither my sister nor I am very good at spending money, so I did not think it could do any harm when we went to IKEA to buy a lamp.

And we really did not return home with loads of useless stuff. But: My sister did buy one plant.

It looked like the sort of plant that would dwindle away very quickly if you didn’t take care of it properly. And since we don’t know anything about plants, we expected it to wither within a few weeks.

But now, about half a year later, it’s still alive.

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Need to take a break?

Ever feel so worn down by life that you think you need a break from it?
But actually you don't need a break from life, you need a break from not-living.