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so sorry

Dortmund, Friedensplatz, Micro Festival




you were the nicest thing that has happened to me in a long time (or maybe in my entire life).

And of course you are not a “thing” but a person who has feelings and i’m sorry for having treated you the way i did in the end.

The whole weekend i was in a state of a mild shock and i couldn’t believe that you were for real and i didn’t dare admit that i thought you were the most beautiful and sexy and attractive man on earth. So i refused to open up (i couldn’t help it, i’ve been shut for such a long time). And in the end i wish i could apologize for everything and i wish i could explain to you and i wish i could let you know what a great guy you are.

Instead I let you go.

And it wasn’t until the next day when the shock slowly wore off and it hit me what i had done. So now i’m filled with regret and i know it’s all my own fault (you offered me everything and i refused). But i can’t stop thinking of you and aching for you and it hurts so much.

So in the end i messed it up. It’s too late.

So sorry. I miss you.







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