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40 reasons why it’s a hopeless case

1. We will never see each other again. (I don’t even know his complete name and he lives on a different continent.)

This one argument is a killer argument, I don’t need 39 more, but well…

2. I never told him that I liked him.

3. I am a coward and afraid of commitment.

4. He is beautiful and I am ugly.

5. We don’t speak a common language (at least not that well).

6. He is too good for me.

7. I am dead and he is alive.

8. He thought I was young and beautiful but he was mistaken. I am old and bitter.

9. He deserves someone better.

10. I don’t have anything to offer.

11. I am scared.

12. I am lazy. Too lazy to even try.

13. I don’t know anything about him. (Not very much anyway.)

14. He doesn’t know anything about me. (Not very much anyway.)

15. I’m not presentable.

16. I’m afraid of anyone coming too close to me.

17. I’m not worth the effort.

18. I am incapable of being happy and I don’t want to make anybody unhappy and he deserves to be happy.

19. I am tired. I have given up on life.

20. I sweat and I smell and I am repulsive.

21. I could never be the person that he made me want to be.

22. Long distance cannot work.

23. I cannot offer him a good life.

24. I am ridiculous.

25. I turn simple things into complicated and impossible things.

26. I am no fun.

27. I don’t belive in the future and I want hin to have a future.

28. He is generous and kind and easygoing and I am all uptight and nervous and narrow-minded.

29. Intercultural differences.

30. I’m not even a good person.

31. I am useless.

32. I have athlete’s foot.

33. I cannot take care of anybody.

34. He probably has somebody else.

35. He probably doesn’t even remember me.

36. I will never see him again.

37. I don’t believe in miracles.

38. I wouldn’t want to meet any of his friends or family because I’m sure everybody would hate me.

39. I will never see him again.

40. I will never see him again.



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