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it’s been one year it’s been one year and two weeks since i wrote you a letter knowing i would never be able to send it since id don’t know your name or your address maybe it’s time to destroy the letter but i’m still thinking of you Advertisements

it’s been one year

und es ist nun wirklich Zeit den Hoffnungsfunken auszutreten wie eine Zigarettenkippe aber ein zwei Wochen glimme ich noch weiter dumm und anmaßend wie ich bin, so dumm und anmaßend (hoffentlich kriege ich die Kippe irgendwann aus)

being nobody

I have to keep reminding myself: You must never defy fate Never forget who you are (nobody). Never forget where you belong (nowhere). You must not dare to hope. Never ever let yourself get carried away. Fate will show you your place. Fate will slap your slaphappy grin out of your face fast enough. You … Continue reading