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small life, small projects

There is nothing wrong with big dreams. In fact I greatly admire anybody who dreams big. And most of all I admire those who have the guts to actually try and fail.

But: What I tend to do is use those big dreams as an excuse to not even try. Because I’m realistic enough to know that I can’t save the world. Whatever I do, it will only be mediocre at best and there are loads of people out there who are significantly better. So why even try? It’s pointless, right?

It’s a great excuse, isn’t it? Justifies me lazing on the sofa where it’s warm and cozy, justifies me not getting active.
This is one of the reasons why I decided not to dream of any big projects for now. Only tasks that are small enough for me to tackle, lazy as I am.

My mother occasionally sells honey and jam on a small market and some weeks ago she asked me if I could paint a sign or a banner reading “Honig & Marmelade” (honey & jam) for her market stand (actually it’s not really a stand, just a small folding table). My reply: Oh, I don’t know, maybe, but I don’t know if I have the time, I can’t promise you anything…

Actually this is a great opportunity, a task that’s small enough for me to be able to get up from the sofa for and actually do something. It’s not finished yet (I’m planning to get done this weekend), but at least I started (acrylic paint on an old bed sheet):

Market stand banner

So this is no masterpiece, it won’t change the world. But maybe it wil make my mother happy. And that’s enough for this time.
(And maybe next time there’ll be an improvement, just a small one. I just have to make sure there will always be a next time, then one day maybe, maybe, maybe I will do something great after all.)

(P.S: This post is just a tiny bit late for ZeroToHero day 6.)



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