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My sister’s Chinese tandem partner plans his life

face3My sister has a Chinese tandem partner. This is how it works: They meet once a week and they spend half of their time together speaking Chinese (so that my sister can practice her Chinese) and the other half of the time they speak German (so that the Chinese guy can improve his German).

He’s a young guy, 22, and he came to Germany because he wants to study at university here – after he is finished with his language course. He hasn’t been here for long but he says he likes Germany because everybody earns good money here. And he thinks German women are very attractive. He would like to get to know a nice German girl that he can marry some day. As soon as he is finished with university he would like to find a good job here and stay in Germany. But he misses his parents, so he wants them to come to Germany, too, once he is married, to live together with him and his wife.

My sister was amused by how detailed this young guy plans his life and at the same time she was a little jealous in a strange way, without actually knowing what to be jealous of. She was never really one for making plans.
Then she came across this quote by John Lennon:

Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.

She figured maybe this is what’s wrong with her life, this is why nothing ever happens in her life:
If she doesn’t have any plans that life could get in the way of, why should life bother to strike?



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