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some days

Some days you give your best. And your best is useless.

Some days are damaged from the start. Some days are broken. You’re neither a doctor nor a handyman. You can’t fix it. Trying to fix it just makes it worse. You try anyway. You make it worse.

Some days you start off with your best of intentions but the world turns out to be fragile, breaking so easily. You never meant any harm. But the damage is done.

Some days you watch the world burning. And all you can think of doing is donating some money. You don’t even know what you want to achieve by this. Probably just to make yourself feel better. It doesn’t work. You don’t feel better. You can’t fix the world. You can’t even fix yourself.

Some days you’re too far away. Some days you’re too close. Some days are inconsolable.



One thought on “some days

  1. I try not to relinquish too many day to this category, knowing how few days there really are in a life, but there are some I do categorize this way. I look for little kindnesses to take away the spring and rake comfort in knowing 24 hours before a redo is not so long.

    Posted by Deborah the Closet Monster | 26. January 2014, 12:01 pm

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