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The duck in the park must be photoshopped

Going for a walk in the park and looking at a male mallard duck with its shimmering green head, my first thought was: This duck looks like a children’s book illustration. Then I quickly dismissed this premature thought and corrected myself, my next thought being: No, this looks much too photorealistic for a picture book … Continue reading

Today I discovered that clouds are three-dimensional

Not such a mind-blowing discovery, you say? Everybody knows that the world is not flat and that clouds are three-dimensional? True, insofar that I know that clouds are three-dimensional when I think about it rationally. But I tend to stumble through life so dulled by the daily grind that I hardly take notice of the … Continue reading

How to take a break: nature

Going outside, sitting down: I feel the warmth of the sunshine on my skin. Occasionally the cool breeze. The damp grass I’m sitting on. I hear a small animal rustling in the shrubbery. A bee buzzes by. A blackbird scolds noisily. I watch leaves flicking against each other in the wind, ants crawling around purposefully … Continue reading