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Today I discovered that clouds are three-dimensional

Not such a mind-blowing discovery, you say? Everybody knows that the world is not flat and that clouds are three-dimensional?

True, insofar that I know that clouds are three-dimensional when I think about it rationally. But I tend to stumble through life so dulled by the daily grind that I hardly take notice of the things around me, things of no importance like the clouds in the sky.
When I’m busy functioning in my daily life, I usually walk around with such a fixed mindset and limited perceptiveness that I don’t take the time to really notice the world around me, to actually look at reality. When I’m busy functioning, my reality is fixed in my head and I tend to forget to compare my reality to the world outside.

So if you had asked me yesterday what clouds look like, an image of flat cartoon clouds cut out from white paper pinned onto a blue background would have come to my mind.

And when I looked at the clouds today – leaving my head and actually looking outside – I was amazed by their beauty and versatility, the shifting shapes, the colors, the shadows, the structure, the sheer beauty.

After having marvelled at the sky for quite a while, I tried to sketch the clouds – and completely failed. So I watched some youtube tutorials on “How to draw clouds” which resulted in some more amateurish attempts on my side (see below).

(Side note: This post probably doesn’t qualify for the weekly writing challenge, but it was partly inspired by the contemplation theme of the challenge.)





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