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The duck in the park must be photoshopped

Duck illustration

Duck illustration

Going for a walk in the park and looking at a male mallard duck with its shimmering green head, my first thought was: This duck looks like a children’s book illustration.
Then I quickly dismissed this premature thought and corrected myself, my next thought being: No, this looks much too photorealistic for a picture book illustration, this duck looks more like a photograph of a duck, but just look how marvelously the green head is shimmering, this duck must be photoshopped.

Similar to my cloud observations some time ago, I was once again caught off guard just by really looking at my surroundings. And I realized how messed up I have become by having seen so many movies and pictures, so many special effects, that I have become distrustful of what I see. If I see something that is too beautiful, I can’t help but think: This must be fake, this must be photoshopped, right?

So lately I have been trying to really look at what is actually in front of me a little more, instead of trying to fit everything into a prefit mold. And I’m trying to let go of the prefabricated images and prejudices that are already in my head.

(Ceci n’est pas une pipe. Mais ça, c’est un canard.)



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