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The duck in the park must be photoshopped

Going for a walk in the park and looking at a male mallard duck with its shimmering green head, my first thought was: This duck looks like a children’s book illustration. Then I quickly dismissed this premature thought and corrected myself, my next thought being: No, this looks much too photorealistic for a picture book … Continue reading

Today I discovered that clouds are three-dimensional

Not such a mind-blowing discovery, you say? Everybody knows that the world is not flat and that clouds are three-dimensional? True, insofar that I know that clouds are three-dimensional when I think about it rationally. But I tend to stumble through life so dulled by the daily grind that I hardly take notice of the … Continue reading

My sister’s Chinese tandem partner plans his life

My sister has a Chinese tandem partner. This is how it works: They meet once a week and they spend half of their time together speaking Chinese (so that my sister can practice her Chinese) and the other half of the time they speak German (so that the Chinese guy can improve his German). He’s … Continue reading

How to take a break: Playing

In an earlier post I said that I envy my little nephew (5 years old) for his ability to be completely there in the moment. This is also true – maybe even more so – for his little sister who is 2 years old. You could also say: I envy them for their ability to … Continue reading

How to take a break: sketching

Remember when you were a child: how you were able to completely lose yourself in whichever activity you were doing and forget about the time and forget about the rest of the world? Truth is: I don’t really remember clearly what it was like, but when I see my little nephew walking through the world … Continue reading